Our Roofing Contractor Knows Why White Roofs Are so Much Better Than the Black Ones

Homeowners that plan a roof repair and remodeling job are too busy to think about the type of material to select when considering their roof shingles and pay little or no attention to their color. In fact the color of your roof has a big influence on the quality of roof protection provided. If you are currently choosing the type of shingles to install, make sure to read this post before that. It explains why white roofs are a wise choice and why so many local roofers recommend them!

  • Man working on roof installing rails for solar panelsEvery knowledgeable roofer is aware that white roofs are painted with a solar reflective coating that can reflect up to 90% of the sunlight which falls on your property’s roof.
  • The average peak temperature of a white roof is 30° F cooler than the temperature of a traditional black or grey roof.
  • Having a white roof will help you save on your cooling costs during the summer. Once you get your white shingles installed, you will instantly feel the difference in your lower utility bills because your AC will start consuming less energy to cool your property down to the temperature that you desired. Because of their reflective surface, white roofs can save between 15% and 20% of your annual air conditioning energy expenses.
  • If you intend to sell your property and you want to increase its value, you should definitely consider installing a white roof. This can increase the overall price with as much as 17%.

In order to get more information about white roofing and the specifications of its installation and maintenance, you can consult a roofing contractor from the team of Fabulous Roofing. We are a well known roof installation company based in Brooklyn, NY, which has many experts to help you understand all of the benefits white roofs can provide you with. In order to speak with one of our team members, dial (718) 415-0575 at any time convenient for you!