When Hiring a Professional Roofer Is Necessary

Do you ever think about whether your roof is in a good condition or not? You probably don’t and you definitely are not the only one. But actually, you should start thinking more about it because roofs need to be checked for issues every spring and fall. That way you will be able to hire a roofer and get things fixed before any major problems occur. So, if you want to know how those regular checkups have to be done, keep on reading:

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How to Protect Your Roofing System from the Awful Problems During the Winter

Every season has its own beauty, but when it comes to your roof, it is good to know what threats you are dealing with. Several problems can spring up out of a sudden. Hiring a well-respected roofing contractor is always the best you do to protect your roof from damage. What are the three most common problems during the coldest seasons?

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Need to Find a Professional Shingle Roofer to Repair Your Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles, as any reputable shingle roofer will tell you, are quality roofing materials made from asphalt and fibreglass that has a layer of ceramic coated granules. These shingles have a heavy base mat with a pleasing 3D surface pattern. They provide superior weather, temperature, and fire resistance and are made to last up to fifty years. The surface is sometimes coated with copper or zinc to prevent dark streaking made by algae growth. Continue reading

Things Homeowners Need to Know about Flat Roofing

A flat roof is a great option for houses; however, it does need very specific care. A home that comes with a pitched roof uses a mixture of shingles and gravity to prevent moisture from coming into the home. Water which sits on roofs for a length of time will eventually lead to a leaking roof. Continue reading

Reasons Why You Might Need a Professional Roofer

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Without Calling a Roofing Contractor!

Roofs are usually made to be sturdy and resistant to all elements – including brute force. But like all things, they too get older and weaker. In fact, the average life of a roof is around 15 years. Many factors play a role in this, however – from the material it’s made of, to whether or not it was maintained sufficiently. A professional roofing contractor can certainly help you prolong the life of your roof significantly. You can also do your share of work to help the cause – basic roof maintenance is not that hard. Remember, even the smallest problem can turn into a disaster, if not taken care of in a timely manner. Continue reading

Our Roofing Contractor Knows Why White Roofs Are so Much Better Than the Black Ones

Homeowners that plan a roof repair and remodeling job are too busy to think about the type of material to select when considering their roof shingles and pay little or no attention to their color. In fact the color of your roof has a big influence on the quality of roof protection provided. If you are currently choosing the type of shingles to install, make sure to read this post before that. It explains why white roofs are a wise choice and why so many local roofers recommend them! Continue reading

A Roofing Company Shares Things You Need to Know about Common Roof Types

Welcome again! The topic of this blog article will be related to the main differences between some of the most common types of roofing materials – wooden shakes, asphalt shingles, and metal. If you have decided to start a new building project, this article will give you information on which roof type to choose. Continue reading

Why Call the Top Rated and Most Trusted Roofing Contractor in Brooklyn, NY?

If it is time to get your roof inspected and you are looking for a dependable and reputable roofing contractor who can lend you a helping hand with the maintenance of your roof, you should definitely contact Fabulous Roofing. In our first post, we will list a few of the major benefits our roofing services have in order to convince you that it is worth spending a bit on expert roofing rather than adopting a DIY roofing approach. Here are some of the main advantages working with our team can bring you: Continue reading

Expert Advice From a Trusted Roofer

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