Things Homeowners Need to Know about Flat Roofing

A flat roof is a great option for houses; however, it does need very specific care. A home that comes with a pitched roof uses a mixture of shingles and gravity to prevent moisture from coming into the home. Water which sits on roofs for a length of time will eventually lead to a leaking roof.

roofing contractorWith a traditional roofed home, the roofs pitch expedites the water to run off after it rains. The shingles stop water from penetrating until it runs off. A flat roof, however, does not come with the benefit of gravity to remove the roof’s water. It is crucial then to have a covering which provides a moisture barrier for your property, and as a way to take water off of the roof after the rain.

One sure way to keep the interior of your home dry is to have flat roofing made of rubber. Rubber roofing is a membrane which is made of synthetic material. The coating is attached to the roofing deck by fasteners or by glue. This kind of roofing comes in wide widths, so your roofing company will be able to totally cover the roof without having any seams. Any seam could be an area where the membrane could fail.

Another method of keeping your home dry if you have a flat roof is with the help of a siphon. It is possible to have a siphon which, when put on a timer, will run several times every day. If there is any water on the roof, the siphon action will drain the water from the roof once the motor switches on. Getting rid of standing water immediately after rain is the best prevention to stop any leaks.

With all of the care needed for a flat roof, some may ask if they are worth all the hassle. In warmer regions, flat roofs are an ideal choice. They allow total use of the space inside a home. You lose no head room due to the pitch. Some homeowners even use the roof as a patio and create a terrace or garden. The plants will absorb any water from rain before it reaches the roofing.

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