There are many different types of roofs. Fabulous Roofing is a shingle roofer in Brooklyn, NY and surrounding areas with many years of experience. As a fully licensed roofing contractor, our company offers the best services around and always works towards satisfying the needs of our clients.

Finishing the roofStone tiles are one of the more common materials used in roofing. Although there are plastic and concrete tiles which come in various shapes and colors, they are mostly made of clay and slate. A roofer would hang them in parallel rows from nails on the framework, with each row overlapping the next one, to protect the building from rain water.

Roof shingles, made from asbestos-cement, wood, and asphalt-soaked paper, are other common types of materials used for building roofs. They are flat and rectangular in shape, laid in overlapping rows from bottom to top. Wood shingles have become less common over the years due to fire hazards.

A shingle roofer may very often use asphalt shingles when executing a roof replacement. They are applied to steep sloping roofs and are offered in different textures and colors. Dimensional asphalt shingles are sometimes used to create 3D profiles for more attractive shadow lines. They are made from a combination of thicker layers of asphalt and fiberglass.

Homeowners who have a roof that is older than thirty years, should call a licensed roofer like Fabulous Roofing, to take a look and evaluate whether or not it is time for a replacement. Just like any other part of a building, the roof needs maintenance and eventual repairs. If you are thinking about replacing your roof, don’t hesitate to call our experts. We will send a team to properly assess your situation and provide you with an estimate. Rest assured that we offer the areas most competitive prices.

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