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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a new roof off any given property is by no means an easy undertaking and needs comprehensive planning and systematic execution to get right. At Fabulous Roofing, the services we bring to the table are second to none. As a roofing contractor, each member of our team is more than capable of tackling some of the most demanding projects with relative ease. We thrive in the face of adversity and challenging projects. To get exceptional results, customers can reach out to us as we are highly capable across the entire Brooklyn, NY area.

Is investing in a new roof worth it?

Yes. Investing in getting tailored roofing done is, without a doubt, well worth it. Experts who provide incredible finishes can last the test of time with relative ease. They are known to use the best raw materials for the job and rely on the right tools and techniques for the job at hand. We are known to ensure that we exceed expectations with relative ease.

What are the advantages of shingles?

Shingles are considered superior roofing materials as they can be individually replaced if needed. Getting shingle roofing done is the ideal choice to get brand-new roofs installed. The process of putting together a brand-new roof needs specialized equipment and extensive hands-on experience. Shingles have high resale value, are incredibly versatile, and are energy efficient above all else.

Is getting a flat roof ideal?

Flat roofs are considered the ideal choice to keep home utility costs manageable – especially during warmer climates. Sloped roofs can trap unwanted warm air and even allow cooled air to escape. A flat roof means less overhead space available for the air to stagnate. Hiring the right shingle roofing company can ensure that your flat roofs look both pleasing and incredibly functional.

How expensive are roof repairs?

A trusted roofing company can make sure that any repairs that need to be undertaken for a given property are done using the right tools by the right professionals. Experience has no alternative when it comes to performing repairs as a trusted expert can make roof repairs last longer while also being functional and without any compromise.

How experienced are you?

As professionals in our domain, we have made sure that over the past 13 years, any and all requirements that have been placed before us by our community have been acted upon with absolute perfection. We make sure that the roofs we are putting together are incredibly high quality. We also never cut any corners and rely on the appropriate materials for the job placed before us.

As professionals, we are confident that any clients who take the time to go through this entire page will be happy to put their faith in us for their precise requirements. We are open to making sure that they are never worried by addressing all their queries with ease. Customers can reach out to Fabulous Roofing at (347) 716-6117. Our customer service offers are second to none across the entire Brooklyn, NY area.