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How a Reliable Contractor Can Help You Avoid the 3 Top Roof Issues During the Winter Seasons

How to Protect Your Roofing System from the Awful Problems During the Winter

Every season has its own beauty, but when it comes to your roof, it is good to know what threats you are dealing with. Several problems can spring up out of a sudden. Hiring a well-respected roofing contractor is always the best you do to protect your roof from damage. What are the three most common problems during the coldest seasons?

  • Ice dams. If you live in an area with harsh snow storms, you most probably have already faced this kind of unpleasant issue. An ice dam is a build up of snow and ice at the edge of a roof that stops melted snow from draining off a roof. The standing water behind the dam can cause leaks and damage to walls, ceilings, and insulation. Also, it can lead to terrible cracks of the whole exterior of a home. Unfortunately, there is not a definite and permanent solution to this sort of issue, specialists say. Proper roof insulation and good attic ventilation systems can minimize them.

  • Condensation. It appears when a cold surface meets warm air. If your attic is not properly insulated, you will face this problems soon. Condensation means mold and mildew growth. As a result, it will boost different allergies of people who are more sensitive towards these allergens. Check up your attic ventilation system before the winter comes, professionals advise. Call the best roofers to help you keep humidity levels under control. Improper ventilation system will make warm air in a house to meet moist from the outside with terrible consequences. Some of them are destruction of the attic construction, weaknesses in a roof, and leaks.

  • Icicles. They are formations that appear at very low temperatures. They present danger to both people and pets. Icicles often clog gutters and downspouts, and due to their weight, they can lead to roof and gutter damage. To prevent them from forming, specialists have to perform a perfect gutter cleaning from leaves, branches, pines, and other debris. Do not forget, regular gutter and roof maintenance are of the utmost importance, especially during spring.

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