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How to Inspect Your Roof for Issues

When Hiring a Professional Roofer Is Necessary

Do you ever think about whether your roof is in a good condition or not? You probably don’t and you definitely are not the only one. But actually, you should start thinking more about it because roofs need to be checked for issues every spring and fall. That way you will be able to hire a roofer and get things fixed before any major problems occur. So, if you want to know how those regular checkups have to be done, keep on reading:

Interior inspection

A regular seasonal check-up needs to start from the attic of your home. There you should be looking for places where the roof deck is caving in, areas with dark spots and trails or leaks. Also, see if there is any outside light coming through holes in the roofing.

Exterior inspection

Once you get done with the interior inspection, you should continue by checking the exterior of the roof too. Just keep in mind that climbing holds a lot of danger, and if you can’t do that safely, you should be hiring a professional to do the inspection for you. But in case you are going to do it by yourself, begin by looking for any missing shingles or cracked ones. Also, see if there is any excess rot, mold or moisture and shingle granules, which can clog the downspouts and cause bigger problems in the future. Then, check if the material around the chimneys, pipes and vents are loose. And right before you get down, make sure that the gutters and the downspouts are well attached to the roof and the drains are clean and allow the rain water to go through them.

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