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Styles And Materials You Should Consider For Your Roof

Part 1: Types Of Truss Which You Should Ask The Roofing Company To Install

The roof is one of your home’s primary defenses from the effects of weather. It helps to protect the interior of your rooms and belongings from ultraviolet rays, wind, and rain. This helps to prevent costly repairs caused by moisture and mold damage. However, there comes a time when the truss of your home breaks down and needs to be replaced. When such moments happen you need several important steps to avoid hassles. Such include considering several important details before contacting a professional roofing company. For instance, there are several styles and materials you should consider for your roof. Listed below are some of the types of trusses which you need to think about.


One of the styles you should consider is the flat truss. This kind consists of an underlayment and decking is protected by an exterior layer which is flat and even. Such a style can be quite useful when it comes to maintenance as it helps to make cleaning and inspection easier. This is due to the truss providing a stable area on which you can step and maintain your grip without risk of slipping. Also, such a type can be quite helpful when you are on a tight budget as it requires using fewer materials compared to styles such as the gabled.


Another type of truss which you should consider is the mansard. This kind of gable is created by installing an exterior layer which uses two different slopes on all sides of the installation. As a result, it gains a distinctive shape which will draw the eye of passersby thus enhancing the appeal. Such a style can be quite helpful when you would like to add more space to the attic, especially if you plan to convert the room into a bedroom. It can also help you when you are restricted in terms of finance as it is affordable and easy to set up. Bear in mind that this type is not recommended for heavy snowfall as it may not endure the weight of the snow.

There are several styles which you need to consider when it comes to trusses. If you would like to learn about these types, contact a professional roofing company such as Fabulous Roofing in Brooklyn, NY.